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Xmas Apocalypse » Patch Notes 1.1.2

Lots of fixes in this update. I think I figured out what caused the no-spawn bug, but please let me know if you still encounter it. Also worked on the spawn behavior of the zombies, so they shouldn’t be as obnoxious anymore while aiming.

  • Reworked how the spawners get set up at the start of the level, to hopefully fix the no-spawn bug
  • Max Slots Achievement now only triggered when finishing the run
  • Made Jack of All Trades and Lighting up the Tree achievements fail save
  • Nuclear Snow Globe achievement wasn’t triggering when getting the skill to level 8
  • Donner & Blitzen skill card is now being distributed for every character once unlocked
  • UI glitch fixed on the results panel when the Horny Demon was defeated and of numbers in selection menu
  • Goat sculls were changed to not avoid clipping
  • Removed delay that caused bullet particles to float in the air on impact
  • Shield item doesn’t cause Vultures to spin around anymore
  • Restored pickup animation of Teddy item
  • Undead vultures don’t fly around with items they aren’t carrying, or spinning around each other, or cause bullets to ricochet off them, or remove Shield items from the spawn pool
  • Nuclear Snow Globes stick to bosses and boars and deal damage
  • Reduced health of Undead Vultures slightly and changed the death sound to spatial
  • Moved zombie spawners a bit further away from the player
  • Reduced movement speed of standard zombies
  • Spawner behavior adjusted to minimize attackers ambushing from behind
  • Removed delay of the Boar warning
  • Changed movement configurations of mammoths