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Risk of Rain Returns » Patch Notes 1.0.3

Hello everyone! We have just released the latest patch for Risk of Rain Returns – once again the primary focus of this patch is to fix bugs reported by the community, which also includes some changes that should make Artificer stronger and make Overloading Elites less punishing. If you have any other bug reports and/or feedback for us you can do so on our Discord. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback so far!

A quick reminder that the new aiming feature mentioned in the previous patch notes (1.0.2) is still in development, we will update you on this feature as soon as possible.

Patch 1.0.3 Changes:
  • Increased Teleporter particle visibility range.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game started while set to a display that is no longer connected.
  • Fixed a high-pitched sound that would play for some users in certain circumstances when restarting a run.
  • Added an additional safeguard that should allow the game to start if cutscene videos take too long to load.
  • Fixed crashes related to unlocking a certain secret.
  • Fixed a softlock relating to a certain secret.
  • Fixed challenges relating to completing stage 3 (such as Bandit) not unlocking for multiplayer clients.
  • Reduced the range of overloading enemies.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur if Direseeker is instantly killed by the player.
  • Fixed the Sniper’s default Secondary Skill consuming all stocks at once.
  • Increased the range of the Engineer’s Utility Skill.
  • Artificer’s Primary Skill now deals damage more consistently.
  • Fixed the Artificer’s Primary Skill interacting poorly with Shattered Mirror.
  • Artificer’s alternate Utility Skill now requires a second input to execute multiple times.
  • Fixed temporary Dio’s Friend making the player unkillable when consumed.
  • Fixed a softlock when using the Loader’s alternate Secondary Skill into a pit.
  • Fixed info for locked trials being openable by clicking.
  • Corrected the Lynx Totem’s killscreen icon.
  • Fixed a crash when collecting Classified Access Codes in “Judgement”.
  • Removed player hitstun from the “Castle of Memories” Providence Trial.
  • Fixed a possible softlock in the “Castle of Memories” Providence Trial.
  • Decreased invincibility frames on Miner’s default Secondary Skill.
  • Fixed duplicate player join messages appearing during online play.

Thanks again everyone!

-Hopoo Games