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The Last Human is a Biker » Patch note : Version 0.7.3

Rework ⚙️

Incendiary and electricity modules: damage is now more evenly distributed over time.
Bounce Module: from now on, the bounce effect has a percentage chance of being applied to the projectile.
Smasher: the blast area from the explosion module has been rebalanced.
Kraken: the alien hit points has been rebalanced.

Bug fixes ⚒️

Kraken: Fixed a bug that caused the player to die when using a special skill against the Kraken.
Kraken: Fixed a bug that prevented the player from playing a new game after killing the Kraken.
Gravity Module: Fixed a bug that caused aliens to leave the game area.
Options: Fixed a bug that did not apply sound option changes correctly.
Meta Progression: Fixed a bug that caused the player’s meta-progression to reset.
Endless mode: Fixed a bug that prevented the penalties to apply correctly.
Endless mode: Add the following penalties: fire resistance, electrical resistance, corrosive rain

New features⭐️

– Added a timer to the infinite mode.