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Keeper's Toll » Patch Build 0.6.10

Another small patch build featuring some fixes and improvements related to feedback from Community members.

– Bug Fix: Merchant will no longer open multiple menus allowing multiple item selections if you skip the first merchant and only interact with the 2nd merchant. Ended up causing an endless loop/crash

– The Cauldron/Shovel quest starters for the Halloween Event will now be disabled if the player reaches Warden Grainloch and has not yet activated the quest. The reason being is to keep event timing in place

– Refactored Merchant UI Management Code

– Refactored Challenge Event code to address potential rare bugs and issues related to the progression of the event

– Refactored Code related to enemy AI and cursed enemies in particular to ensure they will not be deactivated if distance checks are met in relation to the player

Thank you for the feedback!

Small Update:

We should be finished with the new XP/Gold systems we are working on by end of this week. We are planning to get them live in the game next week. We’re also working on lots of new content daily, and we’ll have some news on this next month.