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Strafe: Gold Edition » Patch 6: The Summer of Slaughter

Hey Killers!
We’ve been splitting our time between fixes & new content.

If you were having trouble being the Sergent of Slaughter that you knew you were born to be we’ve got a new mode for you. We’ve invented the “E-Z Discovery Zone” to help you stay alive longer.

We hope this mode will help new & casual players survive longer in the game and help give them a more obtainable challenge.

• Added Easy Difficulty
30% less enemies
30% less incoming Damage
20% slower projectiles
[disables achievements]
• Added Optional Slow-Mo training tool (MURDER TIME) to easy difficulty
• Fixed issue causing some weapons to not fire as intended when playing with the railgun
• Improved stability
• Fixed rare issue that could cause the train to eject the player
• Updated the directional damage indicators to be more useful
• Added safety colliders to Luftenstein secret to fix rare issues
• Modified menu art to read more clearly
• Added keybind menu option for the Thruster item
• Misc Crash fixes
• Misc performance improvements

If you’re a player that wants to help out, it’s super helpful if you send details of any issues you run into along with the output.txt (after the run of the issue) to Sending this info via any other means will often mean that it becomes quickly lost or forgotten.

Thom & Stephen