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Strafe: Gold Edition » PATCH 5 AND THE FURIOUS

Hey Killers,
We’re going to shift our focus on more meaningful additions. We will still be working on fixes and optimizations but we are experimenting with a “Training mode” that would help new players having a hard time with STRAFE®’s difficulty learn how to play as intended, with a lot of movement and strafing.

Additionally we would like to start work on the save feature but have no idea how long it will take to crack that nut so it will come when it’s ready. If it works this would allow you the freedom of exiting the game and returning to your run until you die.

• Major optimization to loading and unloading creating much smoother loads
• Added Footstep audio to the GLUTTON
• Adjusted Enemy Balance in Zone 1 (Icarus)
• Fixed the volume on for some enemies in Zone 3 (Burbs) and Zone 4 (Athena)
• Fixed issue that would grant the player bonus over-heal progress
• Fixed several bugs resulting in generation errors
• Fixed several bugs resulting in unintended collision blocking progression
• Fixed bug that could allow ragdolls to stretch or float
• Updated more weapon sound effects
• Optimized Harvester deaths
• Fixed an issue that would allow the player to switch guns while zooming and out of the map
• Fixed an issue that could cause the items menu from correctly selecting items
• Fixed bug that resulted in doors closing too early when the player had specific items
• Fixed bug that could stop the player from taking acid damage as intended
• Fixed bug that caused the Thruster to not work as intended
• Fixed bug related to the Shoulder Cannon
• Fixed bug that would aggro Merchant Turrets in Zone 3 (Burbs) and Zone 4 (Athena) incorrectly
• A few miscellaneous memory optimizations
• A few miscellaneous performance optimizations
• Fixed a few rare crashes

Thom & Stephen