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Asterogues » Patch #4

Hi all!

This patch is mostly focused on requested QOL changes with some new items too.
In other news, did you know we have a Wiki? We are currently in the process of adding to it- here’s the link if you want to visit or help fill it out:

  • Fixed a bug with Jupiter crashing the game when he dies in certain situations
New Items:

The tavern is getting some new options for its customers!

  • Added the Star Sour, White Martian, Moonshine, Gravitini, Glimmerlet, Dark Matter Mix to drinks

Planet chests have a new item pool including some items that may have not shown up before.

  • Added more items to the boss item pool that weren’t showing in runs due to their high tier – Big Stick, Burst Engine, Neptune’s Trident, Toy Blaster, Pheromone, Repeater
QOL Updates/Bugfixes:

The inventory and UI has been improved. Still a work in progress that will continue to be improved, but here are the new additions:

  • Pause when opening the inventory
  • New aiming reticle
  • You can now choose your game resolution in the settings menu (with mouse)
  • Inventory works for all resolutions nicely (this might not apply to ultra wide resolutions)
  • Inventory system shows temporary effects (such as drinks)
  • Drinks now list the amount of rooms they last
  • Inventory now shows all stats even if they are 0, so they can be read before buying items etc
  • Cutscene bars work for all resolutions
  • Fixed a spacing problem with active item’s description
  • When opening inventory on controller, automatically hovers first available item slot (works if the first item is passive, or a cursed hub item too)
  • Removed the hover sprite recolor when selecting your run mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed a navigation bug with cursed hub items on controller in the inventory

The graphics have been improved with new fx added to certain items. More to come!

  • Bubble bullets resized to match pixel size of the game
  • New attack animations for Asteroy, Frostar, Asterbomination, Cultrunt– some enemies now pause during their attack windup
  • New landing warning animation for enemies and bounce on landing
  • New graphics for Bullet Tech aiming effect and also now works for Void Bullets
  • Star Ring has new effects when injured
  • Overcharged Star new adds new electric trail effect to Homing bullets
  • Each character has their own face sprite for the sidemap, as well as the death progress screen
  • Explosive Bullets have a new explode effect

Chests and item drops have been improved a bit. In particular people were asking for an option for passive items in the first chest.

  • First chest will offer at least one active and one passive item.
  • Less active items can drop at a store
  • You can click to select item in chest instead of using E
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where rerolled items weren’t affected by price decrease

An improvement to stop players dying after beating a boss.

  • Players can’t take damage while the screen whites out (after boss fight)

To help players unlock new characters:

  • Locked characters now have a locked sprite at the hub, with a hint towards their unlock method
Balance Updates:
  • Hydra is now immune for 0.4 seconds on leaving a host
  • Hydra’s infest range from 2.5 to 2.7
  • Movement item class has changed- used to lower enemy movespeed- now increases player movespeed
  • Cursed Hub Items now grant either +3% or +6% coins dropped as a beneficial passive
  • Mars’ challenger minibosses drop a heart on death each
  • Planet Chests now drop hearts even if you took no/little damage
  • Burning Sword– now grants burning after a kill combo with new fire fx
  • Electro Prod– now applies lightning every 3rd melee attack with new electric fx
  • Leafblower now blows less powerfully but has a different, more consistent conversion of bullets to hit opponents
  • Corrosion Point has a bigger hit area (0.001->0.3 radius) and new animation
  • Astro Suit now also has a 20% chance to block bullets as well as extreme fire and ice resistance
  • Repeater reload chance increased from 20 to 30%. Also updated text to clarify it has the same chance to double-use pickups
  • Changed Headsplitter to a new effect: take +1 damage when hit, heal 3 HP at the end of this effect
  • Cultrunt bullet now does 6 damage to enemies instead of 2 when Pluto fires it
  • Sickle and Bouncing Bullets can be recaught after they bounce (by Pluto, Void)
  • Crates now have a slightly higher chance of dropping an unusual Heart (1/5 to 1/4)
  • Sandworms now create bullets that don’t go through obstacles
  • Dronewalker laser now creates bullets at its tip
  • Raiderunts (on Jupiter) are a bit slower (2.5movespeed -> 2.2) and fire a bit slower (7 -> 6.5)
  • Neptune’s bubble bullets explode into less bullets (50->40)

Thanks everyone who’s been playing and reporting bugs as well as leaving suggestions. This is the last big QOL patch before moving on to new content! The best place to talk to me is on the Asterogues Discord.

Known issues:

  • Can’t change resolution with controller
  • Resolution may not display the correct starting resolution and may not save between sessions
  • Can’t reach discord/twitter etc buttons on the main screen with controller
  • Music can be turned off during a bossfight by pausing as it fades in
  • Some music tracks can end up playing over each other


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