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Strafe: Gold Edition » PATCH 4: Revelations

Hey Killers,
We’ve spent the last week focusing on some larger systems that couldn’t be improved in a day or two. Here’s the list:

• Many performance Optimizations
• Fixed issue that rarely allowed enemies to fire through locked doors
• Fixed issue that could cause unneeded rendering in all Zones
• Fixed a few bugs that could lead to game crashes
• Adjustment to level unloading to increase performance in subsequent levels
• Fixed major issue allowing room intersection in Zone 3 (Burbs)
• Removed accidental heavy pistol knock back on the BRICK enemy
• Adjusted how bullets exert force on enemies
• Fixed issue that could cause the exit room in Zone 3 (Burbs) to become invisible when backtracking
• Fixed issue stopping the Zone 3 (Burbs) teleporter from working when unlocked in sequence
• Updated textures for Zone 3 (Burbs) enemies to increase visibility
• Fixed issue where quick restarting would not give you the desired ammo in Zone 1 (Icarus) Welcome Room
• Fixed issue that could cause the end stats screen from displaying correctly when dying at the boss stage
• The Trappy drone now correctly finishes its teleporting sequence
• Fixed Issue that could stop the railgun from receiving the correct stat upgrades
• Fixed issue that stopped damage sparks from displaying correctly
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issue causing enemies to get trapped in closets
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issue causing enemies to become frozen in closets
• MURDERZONE: Fixed some door blockers not properly blocking spawned enemies from running into connection doors
• MURDERZONE: Hub rounds now properly start when you enter the hub again instead of having to go to the perk stage
• MURDERZONE: Added fail-safes to prevent branch doors from closing on players
• MURDERZONE: Fixed strange light halo in distance of Canyon MURDERZONE hubs
• MURDERZONE: Fixed blood mapping issues and massive framerate issues in Z4H1
• MURDERZONE: Fixed issues with navigating the MURDERZONE menu with a gamepad
• MURDERZONE: You no longer see space in the Burbs tile or Athena door connections
• MURDERZONE: Player should no longer fall when loading a subsequent run in the menu
• MURDERZONE: Music should no longer glitch out in subsequent runs
• MURDERZONE: Improved the way the primary guns float in their containers in the hub
• MURDERZONE: Enemies in branches are now frozen until the player opens the door that makes them visible.
• MURDERZONE: Made adjustments to the monster closets to make them hopefully more reliable.
• MURDERZONE: A marker now appears above the MURDERZONE stage after round 10 telling the player to go there.
• MURDERZONE: Stage now glows at the start and fades out after a few seconds.
• MURDERZONE: Acid pools should now be marked as Acid for death screens.
• MURDERZONE: Having “No Reload” unlocked no longer restricts you from manually reloading.
• MURDERZONE: Guns should no longer be pickup-able once the tubes go down.
+Jump Map: The progress bar now properly resets when the player restarts.
+Jump Map: Decals left by the plasma gun are now destroyed when restarting or returning to a checkpoint.
+Jump Map: You no longer shoot when clicking options in the pause menu.
+Jump Map: Guns/Items are now properly taken away when you restart the map.
+Jump Map: The attempts number now properly starts at zero.
+Jump Map: The attempt counter no longer increases by one after restarting the map.

If you run into any bugs or issues please send us as many details as you can accompanied by that runs output log: