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Asterogues » Patch #2

Hi everyone- a small patch here to add on to the one from a couple days ago.

  • Fixed a bug where re-rolling planet chests would grant bonus hearts and coins
  • Fixed a space where portals could spawn in a wall in Jupiter
  • Fixed music tracks changing to the wrong track after boss fights
  • Fixed items not saving in casual mode in Comet Spaceways
  • Pets achievement happens at 5 pets as stated rather than 6
  • Jupiter wont continue to shake the screen after being defeated
  • Tavern NPC now gives 60 coins as stated
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Hydra from using infest on Jupiter


  • Hydra’s host now takes damage vs bosses scaling with its max hp- high hp hosts will still get killed in a couple of shots
  • Reduced the number of small enemies that spawn with the miniboss on Comet Spaceways and Jupiter
  • Crates are a little less likely to drop unusual hearts
  • Taunting Cape now requires a 4 cursed run to unlock rather than 5
  • Battle Thirst now requires a 5 cursed run to unlock rather than 6

  • Crate coins now auto-collect
  • The hungry tavern NPC now eats hydra’s host if trading for coins
  • New sound effects for cultrunt, giant mooncrab and Jupiter attacks
  • Updated Rage Virus text to specify the boost lasts for the first 2 seconds after taking a host
  • Advanced runs past Saturn will now always start in the Asteroid Temple
  • Added sound effects for crates ,chests, planet chests landing
  • Updated Comet Spaceways music with the full length track