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Beat Invaders » Patch 2.2.0 – Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

With this patch some new features made it into the game.

I knew for quite a while that some runs can really take some time. And there is nothing worse then having to cancel a run just because of running out of time to play.

In-run saving

Now it is possible to leave a run and continue it later from the last successful wave.

Profiles (Save Slots)

Another feature that is especially helpful when multiple people play on one machine are the Profiles (Save Slots). You can now select from three Profiles that will track progress individually.


I also know that some game mechanics were never really explained very well – for example the Enemy Links. To help with that I added a series of small in-game tutorials, highlighting and explaining the different core mechanics. If you are a Veteran, you can of course disable the tutorials in the game options.

Performance Boost

The games performance was improved. This will be especially noticable on the Steam Deck and in scenes with a lot of enemies. This should also help a bit with the battery drain on the Steam Deck 🔋

Railgun Class rework

Before this patch, the Railgun class felt a bit on the weak side. Especially the game design around the Attack Boost was a bit weird. Fire Rate was an upgrade that really only helped for Attack Boost while Charge Level did not help a lot there. This left players at a decision on upgrades that always felt a bit meh.

The rework did the following:

  • When having an Attack Boost, the charge rate is doubled and the shots are automatically released when fully charged.
  • Fire Rate was removed from the Upgrade Pool.
  • A new Upgrade was added to the Pool: Discharge (The first hit of the railgun explodes, dealing 30% of the charged damage. – Upgrades increase the explosion size.)
  • This Upgrade will also help with horizontal clear speed.
Smaller Changes
  • Hyperbeam can now be chained (using a Hyperbeam while a Hyperbeam is active will restart it.)
  • Spreadshot Class: Spread Upgrade now also increases Damage.
  • A bug was fixed where sometimes it was not possible to use a Repair Bot even though it should have been.
  • Smaller bug fixes.