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Asterogues » Patch #1

Hi everyone- Asterogues’ first patch is now live! Here’s a breakdown of what it contains:


There was a missing link after defeating Saturn that was not allowing players to reach the second half of the content. This is now fixed, so you can fight the middle planets!

Fixing the link also gives access to a new character in the later half of the game!

This also gives access to the cursed shop at the hub, which acts as difficulty modifiers for harder runs. This is paired with 3 new achievements for completing cursed runs!

Hydra is having a small tweak to its boss buff. Instead of preventing hosts from dying when firing its last HP against a boss, it now slowly restores host HP when fighting a boss. This will make it so you can fight a boss while controlling a stronger enemy that fires more than 1 HP at a time, but need to pace yourself a little if you want to maintain the host.

  • Co-op input issues with melee and dialogue fixed
  • Fixed items being added to the pool before being unlocked
  • Items from boss chests are now retained through death in casual mode
  • Character unlocks now pop up when you win the run instead of only when you lose a run
  • The game is better at snapping players back to the platform when falling off
  • Fixed a bug that was guaranteeing heart drops for the first two hits taken in every room
  • Hydra now controls several enemies correctly- Frosquire, Eskaboom, Electric-link enemies, Voidude
  • Fixed Echo Bullet and Meteor Shower bugs on Hydra when controlling enemies with unique bullet patterns
  • Uranus suck attack should now affect both players in co-op correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Uranus chains could keep pulling a player after they were destroyed


Overall, there was a focus on making runs less overpowered so there’s more interacting with the mechanics of the game. Players had an excess of money and it meant no real decision-making in shops. And blowing everything up with a single click was funny, but not every run!

  • Coin drops rescaled to 60% of previous
  • Item quality scales with zones cleared
  • Big Stick extra radius nerfed from +80% to +50%
  • Temporarily removed Apollo Boots from the item pool

  • Auto-use items now no longer are listed as Active Items or say “Right Click to use”
  • Donated Heart now gives 2HP as stated instead of 1
  • Leafblower text updated to remove mention of blowing away enemies
  • Wrong key mentioned on Void’s tutorial now fixed
  • Void and Hydra have correctly positioned graphics firing out of cannons
  • Screen now snaps back to normal after defeating Uranus if he was spinning it
  • Player sprites should now follow Starthur’s car correctly

I would love to hear your feedback on how the new hp drops and item frequency feels.
Thanks all for your patience and support this first week- as things start to take shape, the focus will move more towards adding in community suggestions so please continue making content, sharing, giving suggestions and memeing! As always, the best way to be seen quickly is through the Discord!