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Sue Shi Survival » Patch 1: Some small tweaks and visibility

Hope you’re all enjoying the game! Just pushing a small patch for now to help with some visibility problems and to tweak the scaling of the game a bit.

We want to ensure runs stay unique and diverse and your choices matter when leveling, so some adjustments have been made to the late game leveling curve as well as the difficulty of the post-5 floors. These changes should only affect runs that choose to continue beyond floor 5, and are aimed at making the “endless” floors more of a challenge to see how far you can get, rather than going infinite every single time.

Additionally, Sue’s healing has been lowered a small bit. Her survivability compared to the rest of the cast was too high that it made it hard to justify playing other characters. She’s still intended to be more forgiving than others, but toning her down a bit allows us to open up more healing options through upgrades, that way getting hit on other characters won’t feel as punishing as it currently can.

Finally, some players mentioned issues with keeping track of their cursor and projectile visibility, especially in the late game. Now when Visibility Mode is turned on in the settings, enemy projectiles will have a yellow outline to help them stand out, and your cursor’s size will be doubled, so hopefully that helps.

Thanks for playing! If you have any questions, issues or suggestions feel free to comment here, in the community hub, or over on our discord at