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Nomad Survival » Patch 1.6.2


Another little patch. Based on player feedback, I’ve made the final boss in the 4th map even less tanky.

Anyway, here’s the list:

  • The final boss for the 4th map has had its HP reduced again. This will not be reduced any further. The decision was made because of the amount of people running builds that made the final fight drag on for way too long. It wasn’t difficult at that point, just tedious. Hopefully this helps alleviate that.
  • Fixed issue where various particles would ignore the Skill Opacity slider. This was particularly bad with Fireball.
  • Fixed issue where Whisperer’s Spirits would horizontally shrink when using mouse movement.

Thanks again for taking the time to submit your feedback, everyone. I read everything and take what’s said into account for the game.