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Vampire Survivors » Patch 1.5.0

You might have seen that we announced the new patch v1.5 in the PC Gaming Show yesterday (SURPRISE!) and it’s out now (not a surprise but hope you will enjoy it)!

Expect overwhelming chaos in the beginning – even more than usual! The new patch comes with the new Astral Stair level, featuring flying paintings, the new GoldFinger pick-up (destroy a lot of enemies fast and win prizes!), a gameshow-like spinning wheel that triggers random events, half-a new character, a new game mode, relics, achievements and more.

Here is a short overview of the patch content and below you can find the ‘Full Spoiler’ section if you want to see everything that is in v1.5.

v1.5 Contains:

– 6 new achievements (2 from the DLCs)
– 1 new challenge stage
– 3 new relics to get a new game mode, a new character transformation, and a map
– 1 new pickup that triggers a short special event

Quick content walkthrough:

Reach Level 80 in Inverse Inlaid Library to unlock Astral Stair
In Astral Stair, find the Chaos Rosalia to unlock the morph ability for Yatta Cavallo
In Astral Stair, find the Trisection to unlock the Random Events option in Stage Selection
Find the Map of Astral Stair, Mt.Moonspell (DLC), and Lake Foscari (DLC) in the respective stages

Full spoilers:

Stage: Astral Stair
Has an intro cutscene (auto-skipped after all relics in the stage have been obtained).
Initially, it looks like the usual infinitely repeating stages, but it’s actually a single giant map. It’s confusing to navigate until you discover it actually has a very simple layout.
Players can use teleporters to move through different rooms.
Has enemies that follow the beat of the music and turn either red or blue. They can be damaged only by weapons of the same colour they’re currently “wearing”.
Has special boss enemies,
Cosmic Eggs, which can cast the same Infinite Corridor ability the player can normally obtain. It halves the player’s health at every cast, making it potentially dangerous even to characters with crazy bonuses.

Relic: Map of Astral Stair
Surprisingly, this is a map of Astral Stair.

Relic: Trisection
Unlocks a new game mode called ‘Randomize Minute Events’. In this mode, there are spinning wheels that can be seen in the bottom right corner of the screen. They triggers special events every minute; whether they’re good or bad depends on the character’s Luck stat. Good luck!

This option is always enabled by default in the new stage Astral Stair (until you pick up the Trisection relic), but with the relic you can have the mode switched on or off for every stage.

Please note: This mode is not compatible with the PC Twitch mode (since it’s doing the same thing as the Twitch mode, without needing a chat).

Relic: Chaos Rosalia
Allows the character Yatta Cavallo to morph when reaching Level 80. It gets a few minor stats boost and evolves its Cherry Bomb weapon into Yatta Daikarin.

The weapon evolution still throws bombs, but also draws “constellations” around the character that explode, dealing luck-based damage.

Pickup: GoldFinger
A new pickup that triggers a special event in which the character becomes invincible and more powerful for a set amount of time. During this time, a counter is displayed to show how many enemies are getting defeated in the invincibility period.
When the invincibility ends, the player is given a score and a prize.

Current tresholds and prizes:

Bronze: 0
Silver: 500 + Player Level
Gold: 1000 + Player Level x2
Demon: 1500 + Player Level x3
Cosmic: 2500 + Player Level x4

Bronze: healing + bouncy weapon if the players has less than 6 total items
Silver: coins + healing + Little Clover + random pickup between Gilded Clover, NFT, or Rosary.
Gold: coins + floor chicken + treasure chest (no evo)
Demon: coins + treasure chest (with evos)
Cosmic: coins + treasure chest (with evos) + random weapon

Possible Cosmic Finger weapons: Greatest Jubilee, Torrona’s Box, or Victory Sword,
+ Candybox if the player has less than 6 weapons
+ “anima weapon” (???) if the player has less than 7 weapons and doesn’t already have an anima weapon

After finding the Trisection, the GoldFinger has a very slim chance to be dropped in most stages.

new engine tweaks and fixes:
– doubled projectile pool limit
– La Borra projectiles getting stuck
– music volume resetting after getting changed