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Halftime Heroes » Patch 1.42 is up!

Hey guys, the new patch is up!

From top to bottom in order of importance:

-NEW CLASS: Dexcited (Class designed with Dex 😀 ), this class changes the Fortune Wheel game to make it more rewarding and risky. It also doubles luck and increases the cap on gold gain!
-NEW CLASS: Magnetmancer. This class focuses on attracting nearby experience and gold orbs along with a magnetic spell.
-NEW ULTIMATE SPELL: Ultimate Chakra Rage (we may put this name to vote, sounds meh). Merges Paralys of Sheep and Physical Burst. It’s an AOE wipe around the player. Gonna leave the special effect unspoiled 🙂
-Added some blockage for the out-of-bounds paths on Riverside
-Base reward from chest 1 increased by 500 gold
-Base reward from chest 2 increased by 1500 gold
-Added a backup feature everytime a run has ended to avoid loss of data in case of powercuts, this way you will only lose progress since your last run. Backup is made after the run has ended and checks for corrupted savefiles when the game starts
-Blank Slate EXP gain has been nerfed to 10% (Yes, RIP). It also now sets to 0 ALL the stats REGARDLESS of equipment and upgrades (Mwaha). This upgrade should be an instapick for newbies but avoided to lategame players
-Psy Barrier cooldown is no longer static
-Psy Barrier cooldown has been nerfed 24–>60
-Psy Barrier duration has been buffed 6–>60
-Psy Barrier now gains +2 pierce per level
-Psy Barrier’s base damage has been buffed 20–>50 and its damage per level has been nerfed 25–>5
-Added 1280×800 for the Steam Deck
-Added Y Axis Camera settings to either lock it, invert it or non-invert it
-Increased the height at which monsters spawn just a bit to avoid monsters spawning beneath the ground, do please tell me if this keeps happening and if you were using (or not) “No Portal Mode”
-Increased mass of Lizard boss
-The Specter (Ghost) boss should be closer to the ground
-Flying Dragon should be closer to the ground and should not glitch when getting to close to the player
-Increased radius to Fire Spirit and Homing Missile
-Minor bugfixes