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Sun Down Survivors » Patch 1.4: The Final Boss

Hi everyone!

We just released Sun Down Survivors Patch 1.4: Final Boss update, now available on Steam! This patch includes a final boss and cutscenes for the game’s ending, some game rebalances, and more!

Before we get too into the updates and changes, we’re super excited to announce that Sun Down Survivors is participating in the Shoot ‘Em Up Festival this year! Sun Down Survivors will be on sale for 25% off from September 25th to October 2nd!

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Without further ado, let’s jump into the new update!

First and foremost, Sun Down Survivors now has an ending and more replayability! If you can survive through all four seasons, you can now face off against the mighty Demon King himself — King Minos! Can you defeat Minos and restore peace to the world of Sun Down before it’s too late?

Keep reading below to see a full list of all the new changes in this patch!

The End:
  • Added a final boss after you defeat Winter: Minos, the Resurrected Demon King
  • Added a cutscene after you defeat Winter
New Effect:
  • After defeating any seasonal boss, the Skill XP Magnet is triggered
  • Collects all current XP from across the map and brings it directly to you
  • Added Difficulty Modes:
  • Year 1 – Easy
  • Year 2 – Moderate
  • Year 3 – Hard
  • Year 4 – Challenger
  • Increased likelihood to get upgrades for skills that have already been obtained
  • 2 and 3 Star Monster Camps are more challenging
  • Adjusted Monsters to scale better with difficulty over time:
  • Mammoth, Stampeding Giant Boss- 2000 Health -> 2500 Health
  • Torgo, Sandy Fortress Boss- 5000 Health -> 6000 Health
  • Hatorbee, Shinobee Assassin Boss- 90 Damage -> 100 Damage
  • Bulky, Permafrost Moose- 50000 Health -> 35000 Health
  • Bulky, Permafrost Moose- 250 Damage -> 120 Damage
  • Fall Slime- 300 Health -> 275 Health
  • Mole Monster- 700 Health -> 600 Health
  • Fire Octopus- 475 Health -> 450 Health
  • Squid Monster- 700 Health -> 600 Health
  • Magic Bee Monster- 800 Health -> 700 Health
  • Winter Slime- 1000 Health -> 900 Health
  • Winter Slime- 100 Damage -> 90 Damage
  • Leaf Lion- 275 Health -> 300 Health
  • Leaf Lion- 100 Damage -> 95 Damage
  • Snow Bro- 1400 Health -> 1100 Health
  • Snow Bro- 125 Damage -> 100 Damage
  • Winter Penguin- 1750 Health -> 1400 Health
  • Winter Penguin- 125 Damage -> 110 Damage
  • Midnight Bat- 2500 Health -> 2000 Health
  • Midnight Bat- 50 Damage -> 110 Damage
  • Cerberus Monster- 3000 Health -> 1500 Health
  • Cerberus Monster- 150 Damage -> 110 Damage
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issues causing players to lag in Winter
  • Fixed issues with the cliffs changing seasons before the environment

Can you defeat the Demon King Minos?

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Have fun, adventurers!

Tavielle, Community Manager
Pixel Sprout Studios