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Monsters 'Til Midnight » PATCH – 1.3.8740

This is a quick patch to address a few quality of life improvements relating to key re-mapping, controllers, and clarity of upgrade description text.

Change Log

1.3.8740 December 6th, 2023
Some quality of life changes in this update. We had some reports of the game
not liking certain controllers. I think we’ve fixed that for certain controller
types that we were aware of, but also if your controllers aren’t working great
you should be able to solve it by enabling Steam Input for the game. You can also
report any issues you might be having with this in the Steam Forums for the game.

  • D-pad support was added when playing with controller.
  • A keyboard mapping was added for dodge roll (or whatever Active Ability you have equipped), the default is the Space key. This is obviously very handy when using auto-aim so you don’t need to keep a hand on the mouse.
  • The description of weapon Idle Time upgrades/buffs was changed to Weapon Cooldown
    which is a clearer indicator of what they do. The description for the HP Regen
    upgrades and buffs were also changed.
  • You can now re-map the keys for the main in-game actions (up, down, left, right, and dash) in the Settings menu from the Title screen. As this is a new feature, please raise any issues you might have with it in the Steam Forums.