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Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde » Patch 1.2

:mb2spark: Greetings Spirit Hunters! :mb2spark:

Happy November! We are happy to share some news along with a fun update and a new event!

We are excited to be part of the great event with so many other great games in our genre!
:mb2spark: Bullet Heaven tag finally added to Steam
:mb2spark: Spirit Hunters is now 30% off
:mb2spark: Over 150 other Bullet Heaven games on sale

Spirit Hunters just got a whole lot faster!

Once you beat any level at normal speed the first time, you can replay levels at 1.5x speed or 2x speed. This increases the full game speed so 2x means standard 15 min runs become 7.5 minutes. (clock ticks twice as fast)
Warning! – We haven’t tested on very old hardware so If you have a old toaster computer, super fast mode may have some performance challenges. 😛

The speed options can be found in the Map Select screen and the Challenge screen. You can change speeds before every run. Certain levels are extra spicy at faster speeds. 🙂

As always thanks for all the support. If you are enjoying the game and the updates, please take a moment to leave a positive review. ːsteamthumbsupː Thanks!