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Chrono Survival » Patch 1.11a

Almost all bosses now get temporary invulnerability for a few seconds when moving to the next phase.
Final bosses now only use their ultimates when transitioning between phases.
Final bosses, on the other hand, are slightly weakened.
Emperor – slightly reduced enemy spam.
Demon King – slightly reduced enemy spam, increased time between bounces.
Seraphim – slightly reduced speed, speed of spheres reduced by half.

Loop 12: Now, in addition to the old effect, “Bosses have MORE health.” has been added.

Now, when experience crystals accumulate a lot on the map, they begin to fall out less frequently (but give more experience). The total amount of experience does not change, just crystals will be less.

Locations Forgotten Temple, Cave and Dark Forest became a little lighter.

Family Sword: Rarity Level 1 -> 2.
Red Bandana: Increases the number of elite enemies by 25|50|75% -> 50%.
Broom: Pickup Area: +25|50|75% -> 50|100%.
Jester’s Boots: Speed +5|9|13 -> 12 when moving left.
Ninja Cloak: Skill: After taking damage, you gain invulnerability for 1 second. Cooldown: 50|30 -> 40/20 s.
Prize Key: Open: Increases the number of x2 slots by a factor of two -> three.
Flame of Time : Skill to Timestop: Applies Burn to a random enemy. Cooldown: 0.1|0.05 s. -> 0.015| 0.005
Armored key: Open: Armor +5|10|15 -> 7|15.
Flute: Every 3|2|1 -> 2|1 seconds, it use Sleep on the random enemy.
Fire Flute: Every 1.5|1|0.5 -> 0.8|0.4 seconds, it use Burn on the random enemy.
Water Flute: Every 1.5|1|0.5 -> 1|0.5 seconds, it use Damp on the random enemy.