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Radio Silent » Patch 1.1

I’ve gathered a bit of feedback and made some adjustments.

  • Basic Monsters’ Health and Damage scaling have been reduced
  • The Recon Station Objective charge times have been reduced
  • Sound effects and Injury Fog border has been added to alert player of low health
  • Some colliders have been adjusted to not be so easy to trigger
  • There was a bug with the tutorial display that has hopefully been fixed
  • When you kill the final boss now all monsters are instantly killed and don’t respawn so the player can properly bask in their victory

I’d like to thank everyone who’s played and provided feedback so far, you’re helping to shape the game in real time.

Currently I’m working on getting a Mission Board setup so that as patches roll out you can complete missions to unlock new content. I intent on having Turrets able to be unlocked update via this Mission Board. There will be at least 2 styles of Turrets to unlock Gunner Turret and Healer Turret. Batteries will begin spawning on your runs after you unlock the turrets and will only keep turrets charged for a short duration but will provide heavy support during that duration.