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The Last Stand: Aftermath » Patch 1.1 is Out!

Hey all!

We’re very excited to be able to share our first content patch for The Last Stand: Aftermath! There are several new buildings to explore, a few new locations to discover, and three new weapons to collect and craft along the way. We’ve also added new upgrade levels for your backpacks.

With this patch we wanted to address some issues that have been hanging around since launch, namely the inventory and encumbrance, also the problematic Gear Insurance. At the same time we wanted to make weight management feel more consequential and less of a hassle.

Part of that is the introduction of Sector Stashes. These act as 3 separate containers that will appear near the beginning of the areas after you leave the Suburbs. Each one can store a significant amount of items and allows you to pre-plan a little by stocking up in the field if you have excess items or feel like a run is going poorly.

Your encumbrance now affects your movement speed gradually as you take on more weight on top of the increased stamina use. If you’re overloaded, check the bottom left of your inventory to see how you’re being affected. Upgrading your backpack or unloading some items into a Stash will help alleviate the problem. Lastly, we also included some minor fixes here and there for a number of map-related issues.

Huge thanks to everyone who played our test branch, as that feedback was invaluable in validating a lot of our design decisions. As a big thank you to the community and in honor of this milestone, we’re putting the game on sale for its steepest discount yet at 25% for the next few days, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time.

Thank you!


Patch 1.1 Notes:

Major Changes:
– Introduction of new encumbrance system. Base weight limit has been raised slightly to 50 and we have introduced a 4 stage encumbrance that slowly reduces your movement speed and increases stamina cost as you carry more over your limit.
– To counteract the encumbrance – we’ve added new backpack levels and also introduced Sector Stashes
– Sector Stashes allow players in the Mountains, Sunken City and Hell areas to stash away some items that can be recovered there later. Each stash is specific to its sector and items remain there until removed by the player.
– Various fixes to inaccessible fuel canisters across maps and buildings
– New commercial buildings added – Pawn shop, Hardware Store and a new Clinic
– New maps added to each sector (with the exception of Hell):
++ Military Base 2 in Suburbs
++ Farm 2 in Mountains
++ Park 2 in Sunken City
– Merchants now hold more Knowledge to trade with
– Gear Insurance has been removed from the game – if you’ve got it on your current run it will still work, but we’ve removed it from the Supply Depot as a purchasable option. This is simply a case of removing the exploits associated with it

– Three new weapons
++ Stun Baton (craftable)
++ Flare Splitter (craftable)
++ Tac-Blade