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Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde » Patch 1.1

:mb2spark: Greetings Spirit Hunters! :mb2spark:

Its been one month since our console launch and we are finally winding down on Spirit Hunters. The team has moved on to new games at this point, or having a break. This will likely be the final update outside of any newly found bugs and one potential feature we are testing. We want to thank everyone in the community who has helped to make this a game we can be proud of finishing.

This is one of the most requested features we have had for a long time. Now that the game is done and 99% of the bugs are cleared out, we have had the time to get it in.
Once you have more than 50 points spent in the Divinity web, there will be a highlighted, arrow that will point to any node you can currently afford to unlock. This counts for both resources and kill gates. This should make mid to late-game Dweb navigation much easier to manage.

The number 1 question we still get is “Where can I find X monster?”. So we added the zone where you can find the monster under each kill gate. Many enemies can be found in multiple zones and we didn’t want to put a big list. So the zone displayed is the easiest place to find the monster.

We squashed a few more bugs that players have been finding since launch.
:al_bug: There was an issue where pausing the game could cause some elements with a lifetime to play out their lifetime while paused. This little cheeky error has been fixed.
:al_bug: The Controller cursor could be snapped outside at the top of the screen and then left in limbo unable to come back. Forever alone.
:al_bug: There was a long-standing issue with soft locking the game when leveling just at the time when entering the shop / pausing the game. This has been fixed.
:al_bug: Arrow Spectre and Arrow Blocker now have the correct location info set on their data.
:al_bug: Character Shakpana + Lighting ability now properly applies his passive.
:al_bug: Issue with the HP meter that meant that it was not aligned with Sickles HP.
:al_bug: Issue with boss medals fixed due to missing kill gate on Desert ruins brutal.
:al_bug: Some nudging of images in the character select screen due to overlapping with text.
:al_bug: Updating Hearty Dweb description to be correct.
:al_bug: A number of spelling mistakes

As always, thanks for all the feedback and support from the player community. If you enjoy the game please give a thumbs up review. ːsteamthumbsupː

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