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Sun Down Survivors » Patch 1.1

Greetings Everyone!

its Bruce the Director from Pixel Sprout Studios!

We just released a major update, Patch 1.1. In this update, we released quite a few things that were missing, or disabled for the release.

Thanks everyone for the continued support as we improve the game, and thanks to all the folks in our discord sharing their thoughts and victory screenshots!

1.1 Patch Notes:


– Players can now use the Anvil in their house interior to upgrade Spell Cards permanently across all runs
– Card Upgrades can be used 1 to 3 times, depending on the upgrade.
– Gems are required to craft upgrades, so make sure to collect any that you find, through either killing monsters or mining!

Spells and Upgrades:

– Players are much more likely to see upgrades for spells they already have
– Fireball now correctly deals burn damage over time
– Intimidation Upgrades are generally nerfed
– Snowball Launcher Slow % Decreased from 10 to 5
– Torchy’s Fireball has increased Missile Speed
– Players are now able to upgrade their spells permanent between runs by visiting the Anvil in their house


– May and Ethan have been released as Romanceable Characters.
– Players can now interact with May or Ethan, learning more about the world, and each other.
– After enough interactions, players can date, or even marry each (or both…) character.
– Each time you speak to either May or Ethan, you will gain a free level up card to make the trip extra worth it.


– Monsters now have a small chance to drop gems, a new currency which persists throughout all runs
– Several gem nodes now spawn around the map (just try not to die mining them…)


– Added Iron and Copper Ore nodes around the map. Collect these to craft structures helpful to winning the game!
– Crafting Recipes have been adjusted to require ore
– Added more rare Gem Nodes which drop Gems.


– Players can now catch 4 unique fish, with generally one unique fish per pond in the game.
– To catch fish, stand on any pier near water. Look for fish swimming around in a small circle at each pond!
– Ponds further away from the House will yield better selling fish.


– Monsters during Summer, Fall, and Winter have been increased in difficulty to account for
cross-run progression (and players being just too good at the game).
– Monsters during the day have been slowed by an additional 15% (now 25%) during the day, to make it easier for players to gather resources.
– Sun Down monsters that survive until Day have their maximum health reduced to 35% when Sun Down ends. This allows players to clear out last night’s monsters and move on to the next day sooner.
– Monster Camps now have One Star, Two Star, and Three Star difficulties to accommodate for stronger players being able to adventure further out. In a future update, harder camps will also grant significantly more powerful rewards.
– Bosses now drop large EXP orbs as a reward for surviving the season
– Sand Castle Crab Boss has been nerfed from 9,000 HP to 5,000 HP to make advancing to Fall easier.

Sound Effects:

– Added over 20 sound effects for various missing things, including mining and cutting


– Purchasing any seed now gives text saying that Crops are automatically planted
– There are now Arrows pointing over interactable objects in player interiors
– Imported Art for a few missing sprites
– Improved Item descriptions

Coming Soon:

– Improved Tutorials
– Seasonal Map Art to reflect each season
– Several more pets
– Pig Barn Animal

Coming Later:

– 2 New playable characters
– Forageables around the map
– More Turrets
– More Items
– More Card Upgrades
– Improvements to Story and worldbuilding

And for now, that’s it! Thanks for taking a moment to read through the patch notes. Good luck out there, and have fun!

– Bruce, Director at Pixel Sprout Studios