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Enter the Gungeon » Patch 1.1.1

Hey everyone,

We’re pushing a new bug fixing patch today; we’re getting a whole lot of bug reports and feedback from the Supply Drop update, and we plan to spend the next few weeks polishing and bug fixing. We’re also looking into some balance changes for Challenge Mode, which we should have some news on soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the update, thanks again for all of the feedback!

Patch notes below:

Patch 1.1.1

Improvements/Balance Changes

  • Secret Characters can now be chosen as your quick select character (once unlocked)
  • Ammoconda spawns are now real enemies (which means they can be affected by status effects and should behave more consistently with some guns)
  • The “offscreen enemy” indicator now works for Ammoconda’s spawns
  • Reduced Ammoconda’s healing on spawn pickup slightly
  • Added an options file line to toggle smooth camera mode
  • Added an options file line to toggle gun hotkeys
  • Ash Bullet Kin now have a short firing delay when spawning near the player
  • Chaos Bullets is no longer mega OP with beam weapons
  • Cursula can now sell Spice

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the new secret character costumes had 1 less i-frame than other characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Ammoconda could be damaged before entering the boss room
  • Fixed several issues with the Prototype Teleporter’s room selection
  • Fixed an issue where the player was still able to be damaged by poison/fire during boss deaths
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Shrine of Glass to spawn less frequently than intended
  • Fixed an issue where some spawned chests weren’t showing up on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue which caused the RC Rocket’s guided abilities to trigger later than intended
  • Helix Bullets now works correctly with the Polaris and Rad Gun
  • Fixed an issue where the Dueling Laser would be reset when dropped
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck with an uncharged Dueling Laser in Gun Queue
  • Fixed performance issues caused by electrifying very large pools of water
  • Fixed a visual issue with Daisuke
  • Fixed an issue where Lament Box was spawning challenge waves in certain rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the Microtransaction Gun could cost varying amounts per shot
  • Fixed an issue where options file manipulation could be used to play as secret characters that were still locked
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by dying to the Demon Door as the Robot
  • Fixed an issue with the Super Hot Watch and some floor transitions
  • Fixed an issue where Ash Bullet Kin could randomly teleport once when first spawned
  • Fixed a rare save issue that could prevent further progression
  • Fixed an out of memory error caused by leaving the game paused for a long time
  • Fixed a freeze caused by grabbing an ammo box with the grappling hook
  • Fixed some issues with the Bloodied Scarf’s teleportation
  • The Chest Teleporter can no longer create chests inside of the maintenance shaft
  • Flak Bullets now handles spawned bullets better
  • Fixed an issue where some items could give the player flight even in the area with the GTCKTP
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Battle Standard to unlock incorrectly for the Hunter
  • Fixed a visual issue caused by the Com4nd0 and Helix Bullets
  • Fixed some weird beam behavior caused by having the Metronome and Helix Bullets

Hotfix 1
  • Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause a soft lock when falling into a pit
  • Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause the player to take repeated damage nearly instantly
  • Fixed an issue with the grappling hook when stealing from the shop