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Chrono Survival » Patch 1.04a (Set of Mods)

-Some modifiers in the level up menu are now collected into a set of modifiers.
-It now reduces the damage of all enemy projectiles by 40% on Cycle 0. This damage increases with each cycle and reaches the previous value on Cycle 8. This weakens the Ninja Boss in particular, as well as events.
-The Perfect Attack modifier is replaced by the Quick Attack modifier.
-Big Backpack needs to be unlocked.
-Fixed bug with Scammer in widescreen mode (it crashed the game).
-Fixed many other small bugs.


Boar: Hp 125 -> 110.
Assassin: Hp 130 -> 115.
Ataman: Hp 220 -> 180.
Spiked Frog: Defense 4-8 -> 4-6.
Purple Crab: Defense 10-10 -> 8->8.
Goblin, Dark Goblin, Mouse, White Mouse: Evasion 10% -> 8%.
Goblin Warrior, Dark Goblin Warrior: Increased Weight (The more it is the less they are on the wave and the more the reward for them).
Troll: Hp 180 -> 160.
Dark Troll: Hp 300 -> 250.
Evil Bat: Hp 70 -> 60.
Yeti: Hp 200 ->170.
Snow Yeti: Hp 370 -> 310.
Witch: Increased Werewolf transformation cooldown by 2 seconds.
Ghosts: Previously their invisibility and evasion varied from 0 to 100%, but now from 20 to 100%.


Water Shot: Damage +5 (in total).
Saws: Duration x2.
Static Field (Specialist): Added: +1 Damage.