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Mage Lords of Brams » Patch 1.002

Balance changes:

*Toned down Vampire Countess on hit ability. Instead of reducing health to 1 she now reduces it by 10%.
This ability will bypass shields but is subject to dodge.

*Toned down Nymph on hit ability, instant kill on hitting summons is now a 20% chance on hit to kill them

*Reapers now have a chance to cut your health in half instead of instantly killing you. Shields will
block this ability but it cannot be dodged, even if you dodge damage from their attack. They will still
instantly kill summons if their on hit ability triggers.

*Most boss projectiles are now drawn over other enemies and effects to make them easier to track and dodge
*Projectiles spawned by bosses will no longer eat your shields and hit anyway.
*Homing fireballs shot by the first Forest boss now ramp up their damage in each stage instead of doing the maximum from the beginning. Tanking the hits with slower characters (if you have enough health/armor) could be the better option.