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Alight in the Dark » Patch 1.0.6 – 15th of September 2023

Change Log

Settings UI has now been updated with several tabs to make room for future QoL and features

From our internal testing this version and onwards should have a lot better performance as a result of the new AI system being used to drive enemies.

Enemies now use Unity NavMesh and crowds seem to be more performant than before as well as more natural in their movement.

Equipment Drop Rate has been halved to make better space for future content and replayability, we found that games would progress way too fast and might adjust this up or down depending, in the future.

Fixed a CPU performance issue with UI auto navigation for gamepads/keyboard navigation for when no visible navigable UI was on screen.

.MP3 soundtracks have been replaced with remastered .WAV soundtracks for better audio quality

Difficulty select now defaults to the first option