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Alight in the Dark » Patch 1.0.5 – 7th of August 2023

Change Log

Added new graphics for Ascension paths
Added 3 new Steam Achievements related to Ascension
Added better zoom functionality to ascension UI for both Gamepad and Mouse & Keyboard

Area stat now specifies its metric unit
Reduced Icicle particles significantly

Fixed jittery player health bar movement

Selectable UI elements now scale down slightly when selected in order to help with color blindness visibility

Ascension Achievement Issues

If you enter ascension screen with 1, 5 or 15 soul shards which are the achievement requirements and don’t get the achievements, you will have to edit your profile to allow the game to re-check:
Go through:
Settings -> Browse Data Folder
Close the Game to ensure that you are allowed to make changes.
Then in the opened file explorer go to:
Profiles > Whatever Profile ID you have -> Campaigns
Then open the most recent Campaign.xml file in a text editor

Go down to the Achievements section where you will find something similar to:

For only these 3 achievements (look at the “Id” per line to compare), replace their “true” with “false” like so:

It’s very important that you make NO OTHER CHANGES to this file otherwise it might fail to load.

If you have issues with this still after all that, feel free to hop in our discord 🙂 (join button can be found in the game’s menu or on our store page)