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Clockwork Survivors » Patch 1.0.3


  • Luck – New Stat (Increases crit chance, multiprojectile chance and gives a chance at big rewards)
  • Fireball – Environment Effect
  • Metaprogress viewable in menu
  • Complete current metaprogress tree visible behind the bar in main menu.

Fixes & QOL

  • Trail effect for Clockwork Meteor
  • Added button to reset run keeping same seed as the one you lost in
  • Adjustement to spike ball
  • Enemy projectiles now destroyed on player death
  • Button sounds
  • Spikeball now destroyed on player death
  • Pressing classic/unapgraded mode repeatedly no longer toggles between them
  • Gameoverscreens is now created correctly when all metaprogress in unlocked
  • Several accidental repeat metaprogress levels were removed. Quadruple damage increase made the game a tiny bit too easy
  • Customization slider handle more visible when selected
  • Bonus progression now shown in the pause menu
  • Button layout improved in the gameover menu

The patch came out 48 hours ago, better late than never on the notes.