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Samawa Idle » Patch 1.0.25

Patch 1.0.25 notes:

  • Damage numbers are now colored based on the tower that dealt the damage.
  • Performance has been significantly improved, especially when using the “Hide Effects” option.
  • Added “10x” and “100x” options for leveling up in the skill tree.
  • Introduced a “Next” option for leveling towers, which upgrades the tower to the next level that grants an upgrade or to the maximum level.
  • Using the “Max” or “Next” options now displays the level you will achieve before pressing the purchase button.
  • The setting to hide completed achievements is now saved and persists after closing the game.
  • Fixed a typo in the Treasure Explosion passive that incorrectly stated “X” instead of “%”.
  • The Treasure Explosion value has been changed to 1% per level, up from 0.1%.
  • The Rain of Rain passive cannot be repeated.
  • The Longer Bosses passive now extends the time up to 50 seconds.