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Alight in the Dark » Patch 1.0.2 – 13th of July 2023

UI & QoL

Added music volume slider

Screen mode can now be changed in settings

Experience and Soul bonus from Prey is now displayed in-game


In-game soul and experience prey bonuses now show time based prey

Time based prey now gives xp and soul bonuses

Gamepad & Input

Gamepad and Keyboard & Mouse will now automatically be detected based on previous input method

Fixed an issue where UI elements displaying control inputs would not show correctly for gamepads in all situations

Look direction is now same as movement direction on gamepads if aim stick is not being used

Added ControlDisplay for Equipment Encyclopedia

Enemy Encyclopedia in-game display now toggles together with inventory

Bugs & Fixes

Increased sparks starting Area from 2 -> 4 to deal with hit test issues

Prestige 0 / 20 will now show correctly in enemy encyclopedia

In-game Prey multiplier display no longer shows as percentage but “X” instead

Using portals is no longer possible while the game is paused

Increased max spawn amount in Void Portal to avoid an exploit which skipped 300 mobs

Difficulty selection number localization fixed from “1,0X” → “1.0X”

Luck stat description now correctly describes what Luck does, it used to erroneously state that it gave soul and experience gains.