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Pact of the Ancients - 3D Bara Survivors (nsfw) » Patch 1.0.1 is back – Temporary Maintenance

Hello everyone!

I’m dropping by to say to you all that my team and I are completely aware of the many bugs Pact of the Ancients have. To create visual novel moments with full voice-over we implemented a Unity template that we used to work for our novels and we adapted it to support a huge gameplay moment. However, this template didn’t work as we planned and basically all bugs and negative reviews we have been receiving are being caused by it.

We know how to fix that and the answer is quite simple: we are remaking the gameplay! The moments you buy a skill/equipment, the lewd animations you have during the gameplay, the chests that release a portion of the story, and then a CG; EVERYTHING is being remade.

We tried to keep our schedule and bring more content but it’s not possible to enjoy it when you find so many bugs. So I decided to return to the last stable version of the game and suspend the updates while we work on a major update to fix everything you’ve been reporting to us. We hope to release it by December 18th (as I said, we are remaking A LOT OF THINGS) and we hope you understand our situation. This game was a huge step for us and as a small studio with only 1 programmer dedicated to the game, there is not much we can do to speed it up.

Thank you all for your patience and we hope the major update can give us the experience we want to provide you.

Victoria Invicta
CEO of Male Doll Studio