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The Castle Burns! » Patch 1.0.0

– Reworked the way Boss hitboxes work (every enemy with a large central health bar, 12 in total). They now have separate hitboxes for hitting and getting hit. This makes it feel a lot more fair.

– Lowered the overall damage for every enemy in the Malika questline by 10%.

– Lowered melee damage for Flint, Blaze and Malika.

– Treasure chests spawn less often (from rolling every 3 seconds to every 2 seconds) to compensate for the lower difficulty, and reducing the amount of choices made in the shop.

– Fixed a bug where items you couldn’t afford would only get the red border to indicate so, when you were hovering over them, or rerolling the shop.

– Lowered the sound effect when you’re trying to spend more money than you have.

– Changed the Pickup Range tooltips to a percentage.