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Just King » Patch 1.0.0 – Just King

The King announces new Patch Notes!

The full release is here finally here! We would like to start by thanking everyone for being part of the adventure that is developing Just King! A special thanks to Vess, Mirage, and Lamp for helping test all this stuff! Oh, and congratulations on your birthday TiniMan32!

Now… the new stuff! You’ve defeated the Corrupt Druid in Trumwood, the brand new Draconic Dean in the Wild North, the Kraken of the Deep, and the Soulbender from the Koiland… what could possibly top all that?!

New Zone: Dreek Coliseum

Welcome to the ultimate sport event in the COSMOS!

The Nanas are cheering and the battle lines have been drawn! Which team are you fighting for?

The brave Nanas of Areuto, God of the Fallen Warriors?

Or the festive Nanas of Bachena, Goddess of Thunderous Parties?

Perhaps you choose to deny them both and face their wrath! Your choice!

Each Nana defeated on the side of the God gives it points, at the end of each combat, the most pointfull God gets a trophy!

And the most trophyfull God of each Act will also give you a blessing! Is that against the rules? No one knows, and the judge was bought! Of course, the trophyless God will get jealous, so jealous that they give their blessing to the enemy Nanas!

Remember: The Gods HATE draws!


Dreek Melee Nanas get Dreek Block: Works as normal Block, but when taking melee attacks lose many stacks at once and stuns the Nana


Dreek Ranged Nanas launches powerful spears after carefully aiming. Get out of the way, these hurt!


Dreek Mage Nanas change powers based on the region they are!

Red God’s side: A charged cone that knocks back all enemies!
Blue God’s side: Throws bottles of magic water that disarm heroes that stay in the area!
Neutral middle: They get a common bonk… meh!


The new competitors in the Dreek Olympics are the Mythics! Legends from the realm of the Gods made manifest!


The Cyclops is a folk hero with immense Strength! He can grab stuff and throw around for massive damage, but isn’t the brightest, so all Intellect he holds shine to his allies once the fight starts!

-Throws “statues” farther with Strength
-Can’t gain Intellect, gives it to his allies
-Lvl3: Upon picking up stuff, gets even stronger! Also, gains HP for each point of STR! Also, upgrades items on his bag like the Smith! Also… no, that’s it!


The Medusa is an avid supporter of Dreek Democracy, kinda unfair that each snake gets a vote, though!

-Has a constant line of sight that turns damaged enemies into statues and periodically stuns
-Can throw seeking serpents at enemies that bounce around before returning
-Lvl 3: Creates a permanent barrier that protects the Medusa and is restored by the seeking serpent!


Finally, Mermaid! Is the D of D-pop for Dreek or Deep? No matter, she is the D-pop diva!
[Unlocks after winning a run with only Mythic heroes]

-Creates water statues as back vocals that run towards enemies and explode!
-Her swift attacks reduce the cooldown of the water clones
-Lvl 3: Begins singing, making all fans run towards her only to be met by 4 explosive back vocals!

New Synergy: Mythic

Areuto and Bachena might rule the Dreek lands, but they are not the only Gods of the vast realm!

Mythic heroes know how to gain the favor of old, forgotten Gods, that grant magnificent blesses! …for a price…

Upon recruiting your second Mythic hero, a shrine for the forgotten Gods is created. You can click on it and choose which God to ask for a bless, with 4 Mythic heroes you can choose 2 Gods!

You can swap Gods at any time in the shop, as long as you pay a token to atone to the abandoned God!

The Old Oak

The living will of all forests. Generally formless, the Old Oak takes shape to enforce the natural order and level the field between the wilds and the kingdoms

-Sets the party’s health to 50% at the start of every wave
-Provides massive single target healing on a period

The Five-Headed Wizard

The arcane amalgam of the Academy’s first five deans. The heads are always bickering with each other, their egos only smaller than their power

The Wizard left to the stars, but left its obsessive followers sacrificing anything for more knowledge

-Massively increases the Haste of your smartest hero
-Reduces the Haste of all others

The Old Mother

First there were Nanas, and then came their nightmares

The cultists of the Old Mother managed to channel her madness and carve out a home for Sea Nanas in the harsh Deep, but the old ways were suppressed once her son usurped Pearl City

-Creates massive tentacles around the King and crushes ANYONE caught for massive damage

The Koi Spirit

Legend says that the spirit of the Koi Land was destined to bloom into a powerful dragon that would bring forth a new golden age

Unfortunately, as the noble Nanas left to the spirit realm, leaving behind a sacked and divided kingdom, the spirit’s metamorphosis was stunted and it grew bitter

-Increases the party’s movement as they move, but increases damage taken when moving too fast

The Abs God

God of Gains, Growth, and Glutes, his worshipers show their faith through dedication to their bodies. It is said that for every flex his worshipers do, the Abs God’s abs grows more, thus his mythological infini-pack

The Abs God fell out of favor in the Coliseum once Nanas realized there was no way to verify if he works out his legs, an excuse from those avoiding workout!

-Increases the size, Strength, and Health of your front hero
-The others look so small and meek by comparison that they have reduced health and damage!

Pretty cool, ehh? There is even an achievement that lets you start with one free God on any party so you can go wild with their effects! We are not done though, let’s keep moving!

Systems: Controller Support

We had to buy a Steam Deck to properly configure Just King for it, we’ve added full controller support to all menus, shops, screens, and combat! In fact, this last stretch of the game was partially coded through the Steam Deck itself so it really soaks in the controller supportness! That’s science, you know…


We’ve worked again with our amazing composer Tad to create dynamic boss-fight music for every single boss! Tad also partnered up with us to remaster the entire OST and make a purchasable pack on Steam with 15 tracks! Check it out!

Game Mode

“Just King Just King” runs have been a meme in the community until Vess managed to make it work! After that we ended up creating a JKJK mode where you play with only the King and can’t buy any heroes to help you! The game mode was a funny idea, but lacked something… boulder… so we’ve reworked it a bit:

JKJK runs no longer give you a free Legendary item on your first node, instead the King will equip ALL items in the bag at the start of the run and will be able to ignore party position restrictions! That’s 13 items at once, have fun!

Oh… and there is a fun secret if you manage to win a JKJK run now!



-Captain and his fallen comrades have lost some health and armor
-Wukong base damage and scale on attacks have been reduced
-Berserker now will take armor into consideration while building up rage and will rage for less time
-Plague Doctor has reduced AoE on throwing his potions and Nanas have learned to wash their hands, so the plague takes longer to spread!
-Biomancer now gets Kraisis for free, but growing it costs more biomass
-Pets now gain attributes on loops


-Goodwind Boots now heal after moving for a while and grants the party move speed every time you are healed
-Blue Pinwheel now grants a variable speed as if the wind was blowing your way and then stopped, but then came back, and then stopped again…
-Folded Shield will now grant armor to the whole party while sitting still, and Block stacks once it reaches maximum armor
-Burning Glove now also deals damage to the first target hit and have better scaling
-Wicked Crab has less stacks and fixed cooldown
-Odison Hammer now deals a non-variable amount of damage, but the number of targets also scales with Intellect
-Bravery Sigil now increases the damage caused to near targets by 40%


-Z2 boss increased damage on pulses during the frost cocoon skill and on the icicle volley
-All enemy attributes increased on loops, boss Haste gained per loop reduced

Money Stuff

We are in the talks with Steam to stretch our release discount to last through the entire Winter Sale, but you should really grab your copies of the game now! After the discount is over, the game’s price will be increased by 1 dollar to its full release price. Now is the cheapest it will get for a while.

We will also be selling the OST of the game in a partnership with Tad, our our composer. We are also participating in bundles with the hits Brotato and Bounty of One! If you already bought the game for yourself and all your friends, consider getting the OST, it is pure fire! Otherwise, grab the discount and try one of our partners!

Just King + OST

Brotato King

Bounty of King

Leaving Early Access

It has been a long journey! Since the start of the Early Access we’ve launched 17 heroes, ~80 items (at the start we only had attribute items, special effects!), ~70 achievements, 2 whole new zones with their own mechanics, enemies, and boss-fights. We’ve completely reworked the Z2 boss-fight, commissioned 10 unique pieces for our sound track and 5 more dynamic cut tracks for the bosses. We’ve came up with Halloween, Christmas, April Fools, and even birthday events. We’ve done the controller support, added localization to many languages, made variable difficulty tiers, unique elite fights with mini-boss versions of the heroes, Steam Cloud, and the endless loop mode!

All this was made through the intense support and feedback we’ve receive in Discord and the Steam Forums, this community guided our path and helped us shape the game to be the best it could be. We’ve learned a lot from you, and made some good friends along the way!

So the Early Access really is over, we think everything promised for the release is in the game and we are very proud of it. That, however, doesn’t mean our work is done or there will be no more patches, at the very least we will have to pass through our backlog of bug fixes, a review of the game texts to iron out our many spelling mistakes, and next week we will have a patch with the Xmas event.

We still have some pretty fun ideas for Just King, nothing concrete as of now because we really need the holiday’s rest, but we are not done with the game yet!

Now go forth and defeat the Gods in their own game!
[h4]Have fun![/h4]