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The Castle Burns! » Patch 0.9.94

– Fixed a bug that made it possible to start without selecting a champion, that is no longer possible. The result was you still had that champion… but not the modifiers. The To Battle button will be black/white to indicate it’s unavailable
– Fixed a bug in Quest Select that was similar to the one above. The To Battle button there will also be black/white when you don’t have an unlocked quest selected.
– Broken Arrow weapon was removed (it was clunky and unintuitive)
– Fixed a bug with the item Love Potion that could make you stuck at your current level
– Lowered the volume of the ‘Hover’ sound effects by 50%
– Fixed an oversight where weapons in the level up screen didn’t show damage/attack speed based on your actual stats, but always showed the base damage of the weapons.
– Added upgrade counters to the offered weapons and applied the actual stats and upgrade level based on what you currently have equipped. You can now actually compare your weapons!