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Survivor Mercs » Patch 0.9.8f2 – Patch for “Operation Overhaul” Update

Commanders, enjoy a little patch for Operation Overhaul!

You informed us of some additional issues that we’re fixing with this patch, before leaving for a little vacation over the holidays 🎄

  • The Bunker rooms had one additional max level which was not supposed to be in because it didn’t grant any bonuses.
  • The OMA and Quaker Commander weapons didn’t show up in the Clone Bay, now they do again.
  • Some missing animations for Bunker rooms were fixed and you can now enjoy them, finally.
  • A potential issue with generic stat upgrades has been fixed. It could have caused you to pull “empty” upgrades due to a missing max level restriction.

We are aware of some remaining issues which we will tackle in January:

  • There’s still a way to get some empty generic stat upgrades.
  • The max level upgrade for Bunker rooms is not showing any upgrade stats, but they do apply.
  • Deahtball enemies can sometimes still spawn their big, red projectile after they were already defeated.
  • Sidewinders homing missiles can briefly still damage your Commander even after they already exploded.

Please, understand that the team is taking some days off to spend with friends and family. And we hope you also enjoy some happy holidays and wish you a merry MerXmas 🤶🎄🎅

We will be back in the New Year for you to get to work on the next big update.

Lock, load, and loot, Commanders!