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Survivor Mercs » Patch 0.9.5 – October 16, 2023

Commanders, here comes another update for Survivor Mercs. Thanks a lot to all the fantastic players who helped us find and fix some of the more annoying issues, and provided inspiration for many quality-of-life improvements.

We’re now focusing most of our efforts on the first major update. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements and keep the feedback coming via the Steam forums and our Discord server!

  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the level after successfully defeating the boss or extracting at just the right time.
  • Fixed an issue where you would be stuck in a powerup effect until the end of its animation when dying.
  • Reaper’s projectiles now correctly use the Piercing attribute and no longer penetrate everything by default.
  • Increased the targeting distance for most Mercs and aligned their firing range accordingly. This should fix most issues with certain Mercs not attacking the bosses or shooting very late at enemies closing in on your Commander.
  • English is now the default fallback language in case there are missing strings from a localized language.
  • Added missing glyphs to the Chinese translations.
  • The UI containers in the Storage menu should now be scrollable with the mouse wheel as intended.
  • The Forcefield gear item is destroyed correctly when the Commander receives damage from any source and should no longer make you invulnerable against e.g. the Bosses’ fire attacks.
  • Reduced the risk of Mercs and enemies getting stuck in weird corners and edges.
  • Clank’s turrets should be able to lock onto bosses more easily and shoot them more reliably.
  • Reduced the unlock requirements for many Mercs and multiple Gear items.
  • Fixed an issue with oversized text in some in-game animations after switching languages.
  • Increased Scorch’s Inferno skill lane to receive a higher potential damage bonus.
Known Issues

We continue improving the game and work on fixing these issues soon:

  • Nubetube & Curveball sometimes re-acquire different targets and deviate partially from their attack pattern
  • When using a Gamepad, the button bindings may not show up correctly in the bunker menus.
  • The progression of Room Upgrades is soft-locked at a certain upgrade level since some of the components required to upgrade the rooms are not yet dropping in the map. This will only become available once additional maps go into the game with the future Early Access updates.
  • The Operations menu shows an active “Select” button while the Arctic map is still locked. Using it does not change the map, you will still play the Desert map until the Arctic map is unlocked.
  • Sounds can stack when capturing objectives, spiking to uncomfortable volume levels.
  • Some objective sentries can spawn inside of other buildings.
  • You may not be able to select the Arctic Map when you have 0 BD (you need at least 1 BD.

Lock, load, and loot, Commanders!