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Survivor Mercs » Patch 0.9.3 – September 29, 2023

Commanders, we have a fresh new update for Survivor Mercs. “Thank you!” to everyone who helped us find and fix some issues and adjust the balancing for the progression a bit more.

The big new thing in this update is the Chinese translation.

We are already working on more languages – which one do you want to see next?

Of course we continue with further improvements, but we now focus more our first major update. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements and keep the feedback coming via the Steam forums and our Discord server!

  • Replaced the font with a more readable one that supports a wider array of languages.
  • Added translations for Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional).
  • Fixed an issue where “Quaker” Commanders no longer dealt damage.
  • Added and fixed many instances of missing sound FX.
  • Fixed the Boss arenas still not clearing the area reliably, potentially causing issues that warp you or the Boss out of the arena.
  • Adjusted some UI popups for better clarity.
  • Added the missing “oil spill” attack for Boss OilRig (but it may still be buggy).
  • Added total HP number to your Commander’s and miniboss’ HP bar in the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection in the Operations menu was jumping around.
  • Minibosses now explode when killed, making it more noticeable (and cool!).
  • Enemies now shatter in a more satisfying way when defeated, also helping a bit with overview.
  • Silverback should no longer get stuck in obstacles.
  • Treasury now works like all other rooms and needs components for upgrades. It has fewer total levels, but each level grants a more significant bonus.
  • Gym, Magnetron, Shooting Range, and Academy have lower requirements to build them at level 1.
  • Many Bunker Rooms have been slightly adjusted to get some of the initial bonuses earlier.
  • Storage level-ups now tell more understandably that it multiplies the stack size for each Component.
  • The Operations Room shows some basic additional information about your Operation Type (currently only “Standard”), the Boss on the map, and which and how many building components you found on that map – and which ones you can’t find there.
  • The Room building menus now highlight the requirements to understand more easily what you still need for the next upgrade.
  • When playing with gamepad, your mouse cursor should now be correctly disabled.
  • Priest correctly increases your Commander’s HP with Field Medicine or Crusader skill lanes.
  • Calling in an Extraction now shows an additional hint to understand what to do, especially if you do it the first time.
Known Issues

We continue improving the game and work on fixing these issues soon:

  • Nubetube & Curveball sometimes re-acquire different targets and deviate partially from their attack pattern
  • When using a Gamepad, the button bindings do not show up correctly in the bunker menus.
  • The progression of Room Upgrades is soft-locked at a certain upgrade level since some of the components required to upgrade the rooms are not yet dropping in the map. This will only become available once additional maps go into the game with the future Early Access updates.
  • The Operations menu shows an active “Select” button while the Arctic map is still locked. Using it does not change the map, you will still play the Desert map until the Arctic map is unlocked.
  • Sounds stack when capturing objectives, spiking to uncomfortable volume levels.
  • You can get stuck in an animation when dying while using a powerup until the powerup animation ends.
  • Reaper’s gun ignores Piercing and can penetrate everything
  • Some objective sentries can spawn inside of other buildings
  • The run can potentially not end when you kill the boss, leaving you stuck on the map.
  • You may not be able to select the Arctic Map when you have 0 BD (you need at least 1 BD.

Lock, load, and loot, Commanders!