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Robot Revolt » Patch 0.8

Welcome to patch 0.8

Compared to the last two patches, this one is rather small.

– Random Biomes on each playthrough inlcuding new “desert” biome
– Enemies have been tweaked to better match the genre, 50% more enemies, 50% less speed
– New Spiderling behaviour: They will jump and attach to you.
– New Specialist behaviour: Jetpack around and spawn towers

We currently have an increase in time to spend on the game so expect some major updates during the summer. We hope to have 0.9 ready soon.

Also, the summer sale will be the last chance to get the game cheaply. In patch 0.10 after the summer sale the game will increase in price to around 6 dollars (depending on region).

Patch 0.10 will also most likely be the last major patch before the final release (with a lot of goodies also). Unfortunately we feel the game didn’t really hit its stride and will be moving on after implementing most of our backlog of ideas (unless we get a burst of popularity).

Have a great summer!

– team dytdyt