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Replik Survivors » Patch 0.73

●New Content
 ・Add New Artifact – Beam Funnel.

 ・Optimized the operation logic of the artifact information panel.
 ・Optimized instructions for main and sub in the shop.
 ・Optimized the cost value display in shop.
 ・Adjusted game balance – Mechanic Ergo Eyes.
 ・Adjusted game balance – Elite Enemy.

 ・Fixed the bug that the game sometimes couldn’t start up.
 ・Fixed the bug that prevented players from obtaining achievements with lower requirements when achieving multiple achievements simultaneously.
 ・Fixed the bug that the durability icon of artifact in the shop was displayed incorrectly in English.
 ・Fixed the bug that bomb enemies would trigger artifact when self-destructing.
 ・Fixed the bug that incorrect display on the gallery.