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Further Still » Patch 0.6 – The Fatespinner

It’s been a while, but we’re still trucking along after a bit of a health scare. Today’s patch brings many changes and additions to the game, including the namesake of the patch, The Fatespinner.

New Features:

A new NPC that allows you to unlock more powers that can be unlocked during runs as well as being able to toggle certain powers on and off to have a bit more control during runs.

Mage Boss Fight:
A first pass at an “end goal” for each levels- it’s a bit more than the minibosses found throughout and gives a clean exit point to the level… if you wish to take it.

Level Empowers:
Added into the game are ways to slightly augment the stats of you, the enemies or the rewards of a run – once unlocked.

Notable Changes:
– A few new weapons/minibosses/items/characters
– Puncture & Recovery are removed
– ARM turned into DEF (Armour > Defense)
– bDAM (Boss against boss enemy types) added
– Weapons level up differently during runs
– Actives have first pass of leveling up
– Mage spells, level pacing, scaling changed
– Weapon masteries are changed (Removing the give:take in favour of small bonuses)

+ An unspeakable amount of small changes and UI reworks.

I apologize for the GUI looking much different but there was a UI bug that I still can’t figure out so I had to simplify everything for now to make things functional.