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Death Must Die » Patch 0.6.48

The point of the previous patch was to remove OP stuff (Gem High, Mayhem, Exp Gain) that were choking everything else from being usable. It did make the game on Difficulty 30 a lot harder. A lot of people don’t want that. So with this patch I’ve made difficulty 30 to be consistently beatable with a wider range of builds. Hopefully this makes the game more fun than just having to seek only one type of gear or skill.
For those who want a challenge, we will eventually add something that allows you to make the game much harder beyond what the current Difficulty Adjustment system offers. Unfortunately, this will have to come with a later patch.


@ Passive Experience Gain +50% value
@ Experience Gain Percent +20% value
@ Experience Gain Curve Buffed (~20% Less Experience required, varies from level to level)
@ Enemy projectiles should now render over everything

Difficulty Adjustments

[Difficulty made easier to support more builds:]
Enemy Health bonuses -73%
Enemy Movement bonuses -50%
Enemy Attack speed bonuses -20%
Enemy Attack damage bonuses -38%
Boss Life gain difficulty modifier 40% > 35% per level (120% > 105% max)


[Wisdom:] New skill added for Time. Increases experience gain.
@ [Gem High:] Duration +14%
@ [Flare:] Chance to proc 40% > 45%
@ [Breath of Fire:] Damage +20%
@ [Chain Lightning:] Added +2 bounces on each level
@ [Lightning Orbs:] Added +1 orb on each level
@ [Lightning Bolt:] Added +1 bolt on each level
@ [Haste:] Movement +14% more value

Changes prefixed with ‘@’ were inspired by community feedback.