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Mutagenic » Patch 0.5.7

Good day,

Today patch 0.5.7 is released with the following changes:

  • Add new Crafting Material: Corruption Shards, droppable in zones level 100+.
  • Enabled crafting method: Store, Restore, Recombinate for advanced crafters.
  • Enabled Lucky Scramble: Costs 10 blue orbs, but will roll mod tiers 10 times, picking the highest outcome.
  • Added Starter Build picker for new accounts.
  • Disable upgrading of drop-only mods.
  • Rewrote some core components for some massive performance improvements.
  • Increased monster damage scaling to cap at zone 115.
  • Updated visual effects for various explosions and AoE damage indicators.
  • Changed Shading of GUI Health Globe (thanks Kleito!)
  • Reduced spawn distance of far away mobs
  • Reduced chase distance of mobs
  • Shock Orb projectiles now change direction based on distance traveled.
  • Changed visuals of Infection
  • Fixed bug where ailments could double dip with specific penetration stats.
  • Updated GUI to show your orb inventory
  • Updated text in various help menus.
  • Fixed bug with Keybind options menu.
  • Change Collateral Damage Support to the following: Projectile Hits have a 10% chance to also an extra 300% of Damage the target and to Nearby Enemies.
  • Fixed bug where Tether skills could still be used with Tinkerer’s Toys equipped.
  • Fixed bug where Potent Suppression Support would not apply to ailments inflicted by the supported skill.
  • Remove cap on Jolt effect.
  • Implemented new ramping mechanic for ailments.
  • Buffed base movement speed from 60->90. Monster movement speed has been similary adjusted.

Skill Balance


  • Damage: up ~300%
  • Projectile Count: 3 -> 1
  • Radius: up ~20%
  • Cooldown: 1.0 -> 1.5s
  • Added Damage Effectiveness: 30% -> 60%

Lots of work behind the scenes as well, but not worth adding here.