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Mutagenic » Patch 0.5.5

Another patch today: 0.5.5

The goal of this patch was to address a few performance related issues. I ended up doing a deep dive into the game systems and found a few other bugs that were unintended, so I patched them up as well.

Note: this may heavily affect your builds if you relied on these bugged mechanics. I’m sorry — there are still viable options out there!

1. Fixed crashing issue with Skill Loadouts
2. Updated Chain Lightning to now hit additional nearby enemies.
3. Fixed bug where certain curses could stack infinitely.
4. Implemented new skill: Doom Tether
5. Nerfed various sources of cast speed.
6. Performance optimizations around projectile chaining, status ailments, and curses.
7. Added new, powerful drop-only mods on Utility Genes.
8. Fixed bug with Crown of Ice where it wasn’t converting properly.
9. Slightly reduced density of monsters in the Ladder Arena.
10. Triggered skills now have internal cooldown of 250ms from 100ms.
11. Poison and Infection now have a base duration of 2 seconds.
12. Fixed a bug with Rupture where it applied for too long.

A couple other bug fixes that aren’t of note.

Leaderboards have been reset.