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Mutagenic » Patch 0.5.4

Good day everybody!

Today I’m releasing 0.5.4, which contains the following changes:

  • New Skill: Flame Tether
  • Complete rebalance of Skill numbers
  • Smaller Challenge Ladder arenas with faster wave spawns.
  • Some performance optimizations
  • Minor bugfixes around monster names.

Skill Changes

Added Damaged Effectiveness: 120% -> 80%

Arrow Draw
Added Damaged Effectiveness: 130% -> 90%
Cooldown: 1.1s -> 0.9s

Battle Axe
Cooldown: 1.4s- > 1.5s
Damage: down ~10% at low levels, down ~50% at high levels

Crit Chance: 3% -> 4%

Lava Orb
Damage: up ~400% at high levels

Plague Clouds
Added Damaged Effectiveness: 70% -> 50%
Damage: down ~60% at high levels

Poison Darts
Added Damaged Effectiveness: 130% -> 65%
Damage: ~down 5% at high levels

Icy Shard Burst
Added Damage Effectiveness: 20% -> 40%
Damage: up ~1400% at high levels

Static Charges
Added Damage Effectiveness: 70% -> 110%
Damage: up ~300% at high levels

Added Damage Effectiveness: 25% -> 40%
Damage: up ~50% at high levels
Cooldown: 1.35s -> 1.45s

Shrapnel Bomb
Damage: down ~75% at high levels

Added Damage Effectiveness: 120% -> 80%
Damage: up ~100% at high levels
Physical Ailment Chance: 60% -> 75%

Damage: down ~65% at high levels
Projectile Count: 1 -> 3

More to come, good luck!