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Further Still » Patch 0.5.3 Released

– 2 Items added (Emerald / Flesh Renders)
– 3 New Achievements Added (Crankd/Mega Crank/Blood Thirsty)
– 1 New Fuse Weapon (Ice Spike – Turret/Ice)

– 3 New Mage Spells (Fire x1, Earthx2)
The way spells are going to work as the numbers grow is that each level will have 2 “schools” of magic attached to them – which limits the type of magic found in a level as well as another… feature… being worked on. For instance Grasslands will eventually be Spark + Earth and Desert will be Fire and Earth. This will hopefully make things like PUNC matter more in specific levels where passive enemy ARM gain is more common – giving some slight level & build variation. Currently all spells happen everywhere and this will stop when we reach 10 spells per spell school.

– 10+ Powers added
– Level Up Powers > Power Ups!
Many powers added that are centered around stat growth. (+2 MAG & -2 PWR // +25PCK & -15 SPD) The idea is that these will end up replacing the basic small number stat growths overtime. These options need to feel appealing when you see the ones you want so you don’t miss them and also be more build defining/empowering than blanket stat increases.

– Level Power Ups! UI Split
With additional powers the icons in the top right of the screen will continue to grow. For now Stats & Effects are broken into different toggleable lists. Categories and iteration is required here .. especially as the number of Powers will grow.

– Bolt Totem functionality slightly tweaked.
3 projectiles are always fired but your AMT dictates how many totems can be on the map at a time. I swear it’s better than you think it is.

– Gambler NPC can now give the equivalent payout ( 1:10 ) in shards and might even have additional items if luck is on your side.

– Levels now will have the same amount of health breakables (and different types) as the Grasslands.
– A couple of map objects are interactable – ie: Health Shrine

– After being frozen enemies cannot be frozen again for 3 seconds (debuff icon added to show this)
– Added unlocked/total counters for weapons and equipment
– Attempt number 12312312 to fix the character experience visual bug
– Attempt number 45 to fix the remaining controller bugs
– Assorted balance tweaks, asset shifts and changes I forgot to document