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Just King » Patch 0.5.2 – Early Access

The King announces new Patch Notes!

The party struggles to move through the storm, although they are used to walking in the snowy fields, this blizzard isn’t natural

-We should be getting close, but the mage guards don’t seem to be here – said the Coolboy, holding his hat as the cold wind burns his cheeks

-W-what are you going to do aba-ba-bout the door? – asked the King in a mix of shivering cold and shivering fear – I heard i-it is massive and ma-magicked

-I can turn the door into a smaller door with my tools, then I can turn another bit of the bigger door into a key to open the smaller door – said the party’s craftsman, the Viking

-You are just going to break it again, aren’tchu? – mocked the Coolboy

-It is not my fault all the rocks I find are brittle, ok?

The party moved distracted, barely noticing the looming silhouette of the Academy rising over them when a sinister screech cut the night.

-Is t-that the Owl? – asked the King, reconsidering the mess he got himself in – That didn’t s-sa-sounded like no Owl!

-Was. She started it, we are late – Replied the Frost Witch as she moved decisively through the snow storm

-Started what?


Frost Boss Reworked

The oppressive dean of the Magical Academy is changed, somehow spookier, stronger, and even more… draconian?

Frost Zone

The top bonfires have been slightly lowered so the Owl(ish) boss can fit on the screen

Edit: Also, bonfire warmth after leaving the bonfire radius has decreased from 4 to 4/2/0.5 seconds on Easy/Normal/Hard difficulties

Hollowsnowday Event!

Smash the terrible Pumpkin Nans in the Halloween nodes to get Treats! We got you new treats as well, so remember to brush your teeth after each run!

The Halloween mode was enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the Difficulty Options before starting a new run.