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Just King » Patch 0.5.0 – Early Access

The King announces new Patch Notes!

Hello heroes, today we got a long requested feature out: the endless loop mode! Ever had a run that you wish you could keep going for just a bit? We got you covered! We are also adding in new Shopkeepers like the Cooker, meet the Smith and the Merchant!



Also, checkout the Just King wiki! Our dear Mirage has been updating the wiki relentlessly and already have items and heroes covered for anyone wanting to theorycraft!

Endless Loop

Unlocked after beating all zones, and accessible once you defeat the boss, just click the green “Loop” button and you will simply continue your adventure until defeated!

Things that happen once you loop:
-You keep all resources, heroes, levels, and items
-You are transported to the next zone (after Z4 it loops to Z1), but it is only half as long (as if you were already on Act 2)
-Heroes can level up further (+2 levels per loop, extra levels give stats)
-Items can be upgraded further (+2 levels, see the Smith below for details)
-Enemy Nanas, Shadow Heroes, and Bosses gets extra stats

New Shopkeepers


Upgrades your items to new limits!

-Upgrades items with Tokens!
-Only able to upgrades Basic Items
-Upgrades cost 3 Tokens and can be done 2 times (cap increases after looping)
-Is the Knight’s sister!


Traveler that sells exotic items! Charges a price to even see them!

-Costs 1 token to reveal a unique effect item
-Items are upgraded versions of other effect items, more powerful and more expensive
-Doesn’t reroll nor locks her merch, these are premium items, have the money ready!
-Rarity of the item is rolled based on the shop chances

Special thanks for VESS, Lamp, and Mirage for helping us with this patch!

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