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Magecraft » Patch

– Added support for resolutions greater than 16:9.
– Added drop down UI notification panel for when you can’t purchase a character for some reason.
– Changed exit button visuals.
– Changed the draw order for projectile to make enemy attacks easier to spot.
– Lowered the volume for hit sound effect.
– Substantially increased the drop rates for high rarity items
– Reworked An Explosion in this Wonderful World achievement
– Nerfed Quick Cast++.
– Reduced the number of bounces from the Bounce mod across all tiers.
– Various UI tweaks.
– Minor performance improvements.

– Fixed a couple of broken achievements.
– Fixed multiplicative mods with values less than 1 giving you worse stats for having multiple of them (e.g. Duration)
– Fixed modal border bug.
– Fixed Achievements UI content bug.
– Various UI fixes.