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Neon City Survivor » Patch 0.3.7 : Ascensions

Hey everyone !

Patch 0.3.7 is here, which means : Ascensions, new currencies, a new shop and more !

Content :

New : Ascensions

Ascensions have been added to the game. You will now need to select an Ascension level before starting a mission.

The Ascension level defines the difficulty of the mission and the rewards you will receive if you succeed.

The aim of this system is to ease the difficulty curve of the game while providing more challenges on the long run.

Revamped : Currencies

The currency system has been revamped to add more depth to the game’s progression system.

Firstly, each area now has its own currency, which can be earned by playing missions in that area.

Secondly, a common currency, the Neon Coin, can be earned in all missions played in Ascension level 4+.

The changes to this system mean that all progression related to the previous currency system will be reseted.

New : Shop

These new currencies can be spent in the game’s new progression system, which takes the form of an all-new shop interface.

Has of now, 2 types of upgrades are availiable in the shop : Improvements and Implants.

Improvement focus on improving a specific area and cost the currency of the area in question.

Implants on the other hand focus on upgrading the player base characteristics, on all missions, and cost all types of currencies.

More types of upgrades and (buyable) unlocks will be added to the shop over time.

Game balance :


Revamped : Elite spawning :

Elite enemies now spawn in a more consistant and understandable manner.

New : Assault :

Periodically during a mission, the player will encounter enemy assaults that will partially or completely change the spawning enemies for a short period of time.

Invaders Operations

New : Enhanced operations :

Operations that spawn bombs to inder the player while he completes the requirements.

Balance :

All operations have been capped so that the player doesn’t have to fetch a hundred keys or stand in a circle for 2 minutes like a grounded child.

Quality of life :

Redesign : The Main menu :

has been redesigned to make it easier to use and to display more information about the game.

Redesign : The mission end screen :

has also been redesigned to better suit the style of the game.

What’s next ? :

This patch completes the groundwork for the game. Our new focus will now be on adding more content!

We will be doing this through small patches that will focus on balancing the game and adding content to the shop, as well as working on major patches that will each focus on adding a new area to the game.

An important note: with each new area, a new core mechanic will be added to the game!

The next patch should come by the end of the month.

Until then, have fun !

– Scarlet Whale Devs